There’s a box in Dongwoo’s room. One day, Dongwoo’s mom said that she was going to throw it out but Dongwoo refused. Dongwoo’s mom asked why and he said that it has the debt that he has to pay for his whole life. Inside, there’s the receipts of what Dongwoo’s parents have bought for him and a paper written with every little thing that his parents have done for him. Dongwoo’s mom cried after that.

Hi guys!

If you have noticed (probably not) but I have hardly been reblogging or posting anything on this tumblr lately and I think it’s time to officially quit this blog. 

I don’t know about in the future, but for now, reblogging infinite is no longer something I want to do. 

Thank you to every single one of my followers. Thank you to the people I talked to on this tumblr and just everyone that follows me overall.

I guess it is time to say goodbye, but who knows, I might be back. I’ll still keep this blog open because I don’t think I can close it, just it would probably never be updated.

Thank you to all of you and sorry.

- Tam Bui

people are annoyed at sunggyu’s luck. but he doesn’t understand them either

Hoya and that sharp tongue of his…

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“healthy.” okay woohyun. okay.

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